Tuesday, July 26, 2016


CARRILLO RANCH The land where our beautiful new school, Carrillo Ranch Elementary stands, was owned by the Carrillo family from 1921 until a few years ago. Joe and Guillerma Carrillo bought 50 acres of land and built their own home, started a large family, and planted Date shoots on 4 acres of land. A well was dug by Joe for irrigation and many crops were planted. The house, constructed by the Carrillos, was built using adobe bricks from clay found on the property.
When some of their relatives passed away, Mr. & Mrs. Carrillo took in and raised 14 of their children. Mrs. Carrillo also took in and raised an additional 9 foster children. Their only heir, Ray, was born on the Ranch in 1929. He attended Roosevelt Elementary School and graduated from C.V.H.S. Ray married Lupe and they had 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls. Lupe worked as a teacher in Coachella and Ray’s occupations included salesman, Deputy Sherriff and Coroners Investigator. He was also elected Riverside County Coroner becoming the first Hispanic Elected Department Head in Riverside County.
Ray and Lupe then went on to own Carrillo’s Restaurant in Indio for 28 years until 2000. They are the proud recipients of numerous Community Awards including the: Consul de Mexico El Progresso Del Desierto Vietnam Veterans of America Latino Peace Officers Association 1986 Latino of the Year Coachella Valley Voters League and Greater Riverside Hispanic Chamber of Commerce We the students and staff of Carrillo Ranch Elementary School, are proud to be associated with the Carrillos, long time residents and contributors to Riverside County, the Coachella Valley and the City of Indio.
Joe and Guillerma Carrillo chose this place to set down roots, start a family and be a part of the prosperity and growth of our valley. We honor their history and community contributions by naming this school after them and by pledging to work hard, learn all that we can and to help shape the future of our city, our valley and this great country. As we gather today to dedicate Carrillo Ranch Elementary School and to officially add it to the Desert Sands Unified School District Family, we think of the thousands of boys and girls who will pass through the doors. Their future begins in these rooms and on this site, Carrillo Ranch Elementary School.