Cross Country.

CC record: Ankur Joshi 15:12.1

The team is coached by Mrs. Baker, one of Indio High's elite! If you need to reach her you can email here here -> email Mrs. Baker

Schedules attached as an Excel document



Benefits of Cross Country Training


Indio H.S.

•1. Improves your aerobic conditioning which will help your success in other sports (basketball, soccer, track, etc.).

•2. Travel opportunities- Summer Camp in Mammoth, Idyllwild training runs, invitationals in cooler temperatures (Lake Arrowhead, Irvine, San Diego).

•3. Receive support and encouragement for excellence in academics, trips to college campuses, recognition for gpa's.

•4. Supportive teammates and a family atmosphere.

•5. Improves your energy level and your ability to accomplish tasks.

•6. Increases your metabolism and improves your body composition.

•7. Self esteem improves as you look and feel better about yourself.

•8. Makes you intellectually more productive.

•9. Gives you a sense of pride and accomplishment.

•10.   Everyone has the opportunity to compete and improve.  No one sits on the bench.

Be part of  this great Indio tradition !!!

2000, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005 D.V.L. Champions!

11 championships in the last 15 years!