"Hi", and welcome to JUDY GRAHAM's page!
Oh yes, that's me, the "Camel Whisperer". I met him in Cairo, but my husband says I can have my own some day.
   I have taught Language Arts in DSUSD for 16 years, Humanities for 6 years. My units often cross curriculums to help students have a deeper, richer understanding of concepts.
  I am privileged to be one of the charter teachers of John Glenn Middle School's International Studies and love preparing students for the big world beyond. When I say "prepare", I mean that, as my background as a businesswoman, brings great insight into the classroom concerning what skills are needed for each individual's future.
   I have been a gerontologist for 30 years, and a teacher for 17 years. Equiped with a M.S., CTA training in the Common Core, the CLAD, G.A.T.E. and technology certificates, Clear Credential, and deemed a "Highly Qualified Teacher", I enthusiastically weave my travels to Europe, Africa, and the Arctic, along with family and pet adventures into my class environment. Come and visit, join in, lend a hand. Guests are always welcome.

I am easy to contact with questions so there are NO excuses for not knowing.

Home phone with caller I.D. is 200-8677.
School phone is 200-3700.
Home email is laurensgrammy@gmail.com
School email is judith.graham@dsusd.us
School Google email:
Facebook name: "Laurensgrammy"
SKYPE: judith.graham13
MySpace Name: "Arctic Joshua"