Friday, February 24, 2017

We Are School Counselors

Learning is more than an academic process;

Learning is also social and emotional;

Everyday, 2,980 children see their parents divorce, 34,000 people lose their jobs, 1,510 teens drop out of school, and the numbers are increasing . . . Learning is difficult when lives are in turmoil.

Please feel free to e-mail me if you have problems or concerns about your child!

Every student K-12 is entitled to have a credentialed school counselor to serve as an advocate, to insure that all educational, academic, career vocational, personal and social needs are being met. The professional school counselor's primary goal is to help students become successful learners by building self-esteem and self-understanding, assisting in the development of goal setting and decision making skills, seeing them through crisis situations, and inspiring them to develop to their fullest potential as productive, responsible citizens. The professional school counselor collaborates with teachers, support personnel, administrators, families and social agencies to accomplish this primary goal.

California School Counselor Assoiciation