Steve Ussery

Mr. Ussery,

Economics, Government, & Psychology



I   was lucky enough to grow up on the beach, in Coronado, California. As a boy, I loved to surf, and did all saltwater sports, such as spearfishing, fishing, sailing, and just hanging out at the beach all summer. Starting in 8th grade, I became obsessed with playing drums, and to this day, am still an avid drummer(you would think I'd be better by now!). After graduating from high school in 1983, I attended U.C. Riverside, and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Geography, in 1988. For two years I worked as a land use planner, writing sections of environmental impact reports in San Diego. I decided that I didn't want to be a planner, so I went back to school, receiving a teaching credential from United States International University in June of 1990. My first teaching job was at Palm Desert Middle School, from 1990-1994, teaching 7th grade World History.






When La Quinta High School opened in 1994, I was one of the first 15 teachers hired, and have been teaching World Geography until the 2010-2011 school year, when it was decided that somehow Geography was not such an important subject after all(I mean, what exactly does the rest of the world have to do with me anyways?).

As an adult, I still love to surf, and have recently become an avid kayak fisherman, doing both all summer long. I love to travel, and my favorite destination is Baja California.

I am married with two kids, Tyler, age 9, and Colette, age 12. My wife, Kim Ussery is a science teacher at John Glenn Middle School(go Redhawks!). My favorite pastime is camping in Baja on the beach, at a pointbreak, with the family, surfing, fishins, and just hanging out.

In addition to surfing/kayak fishing, I am still an active drummer, with a home "project studio", where I create original music for no apparent reason at all, and am a member of a Southern Rock band called "ANGRY HANK"(Which is actually a very good name considering the personalities in the band!).

Interesting Fact:

While on a college camping trip in the Pacific Northwest, I was abducted by a small band of Bigfoot(they prefer the name "Sasquatch"). For several years, I was forced to adapt to their nomadic hunting/gathering lifestyle as a "creature of the forest". Some experiences were unpleasant, like killing a deer with my bare feet, and then eating his still-beating heart, as a form of initiation. Other experiences were very pleasent(who knew grubs could taste so good?). I did appreciate their diet, which was rich in greens, lean protein, and completely devoid of saturated fat. After escaping by jumping on to a passing logging truck, I resumed my college education, a better person from the experience.

More interesting Facts:

Favorite Band: Led Zeppelin

Favorite Food: Fresh Crab(steamed with butter, on a beach in Baja California)

Favorite Color: Plaid

Favorite Sound: Waves at the beach

Favorite Quote: "There's such a fine line between stupid & clever!"

Favorite Movies: Heathers & Porky's Revenge